Special Events


    FUEL is Pastor Eric's annual event for the men of Free Grace United and their friends.

    CLICK HERE to watch some past FUEL talks/moments.

    SAVE THE DATE: Our next FUEL Men's Conference is scheduled for Thursday, September 26. This year we are teaming up with other local churches to help as many guys in our community as we can cross the line of faith and follow Jesus!

    FEATURING:  BLAINE BARTEL (national speaker & men’s coach). After struggling with addiction for many years and finding victory in Christ, Blaine’s goal is to help men write their own personal comeback stories. BlaineBartel.com     


  • twirl

    TWIRL is Pastor Kelly's annual event for the ladies of Free Grace United and their friends. 

    Our theme for Twirl 2018 was Twirl Seasons - WATCH IT HERE.

    CLICK HERE to watch past Twirl events.

    CLICK HERE for Pastor Kelly's 14-day devotional Seasons on Amazon.

    CLICK HERE for Pastor Kelly's book How To Twirl: A Lovely Way to Live on Amazon.

    CLICK HERE for info about #FightForAGirl.

    The purpose of Twirl is to thrill women with the truth of their unique design from God, and to move them to Twirl – with open arms, generous hearts, and meaningful friendships that together will change the world.