Special Events

  • FUEL

    FUEL is Pastor Eric's annual event for the men of Free Grace United and their friends.

    CLICK HERE to watch some past FUEL talks/moments.

  • twirl

    TWIRL is Pastor Kelly's annual event for the ladies of Free Grace United and their friends. 

    Our theme for Twirl 2018 was Twirl Seasons - WATCH IT HERE.

    CLICK HERE to watch past Twirl events.

    CLICK HERE for Pastor Kelly's 14-day devotional Seasons on Amazon.

    CLICK HERE for Pastor Kelly's book How To Twirl: A Lovely Way to Live on Amazon.

    CLICK HERE for info about #FightForAGirl.

    The purpose of Twirl is to thrill women with the truth of their unique design from God, and to move them to Twirl – with open arms, generous hearts, and meaningful friendships that together will change the world.