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The Good News has the power to change every life, and kids are no exception. In fact, studies show that people are MOST likely to accept Christ when they’re 4–14 years old. This means that how we lead our kids to follow Jesus when they’re young can change the trajectory of their whole life!

That’s why, here at Free Grace United, we focus on child discipleship at all of our locations. The discipleship process looks different for each kid (just like it does for every adult!), and so we offer a variety of ways to help your child discover Christ and connect with the family of God.

We offer Kids Church during adult services at many of our locations.


Each of our churches are unique, which means that each church offers something a little different for kids during our weekend services. Find your location on the menu bar to discover what your church currently offers! 

Nursery | For kids ages 6 weeks – 2 years

Our heart for our youngest kiddos is for them to experience the love and security Jesus offers. We can do this in a tangible way in our nursery environment. Drop off your little one in our nursery during church services, where they’ll play, hear a Bible story, and get prayed over by trained, caring volunteers.

Preschool | For kids ages 3 years – 5 years

When your kiddo is potty trained, can walk, and can communicate, he/she is ready for our preschool room! We use Bible-based curriculum that includes age-appropriate discipleship through teaching, games, and crafts.

Elementary | For school-age kids (K-5th grade)

Our 5-11 year-olds are the age group that is most receptive to the Good News. We take this opportunity seriously! We have a special focus on tangible aspects of discipleship – helping kids navigate their Bibles, pray in groups, use their gifts to serve others, build friendships, and share their faith – all while teaching the Gospel every week through a Bible-based curriculum. Our elementary kids are together for the majority of their church experience, but may break into grade-based small groups for discussions and activities.

Our Kids Church classrooms are entirely volunteer-run. It takes a village to disciple a child! Scroll down to read more about our volunteers.


Kids of all ages are welcome to worship with their grown-ups in the adult services. We provide a kid version of the sermon notes with activities to help little brains stay focused. Services usually run 60-75 minutes and include several worship songs and a sermon. If your child gets wiggly or chatty, you’re welcome to step into the lobby to give him/her a break.

If you choose to have your kids join you in “big church”, here are some suggestions of things that help kids stay engaged:

  • Have your child bring his/her own Bible, and help look up the Scripture in the sermon
  • Encourage them to sing or dance during worship songs
  • Coloring items
  • Small, non-electronic toys for little ones (cars, puzzles, books)
  • The Bible App for Kids and a pair of headphones


    Kids Church Volunteers

    All of our kids programming at FGU is run by volunteer Jesus-followers who want to help kids follow Jesus. They come from a variety of backgrounds and bring a variety of gifts to the table!

    We have high standards for our volunteer teams:

    • We require yearly background checks for all team members
    • New applicants are screened with interviews and/or pastoral references
    • All volunteers receive consistent, individual coaching & training for safety procedures
    • Our policy is that two volunteers serve together at all times
    • An approved adult must be present when children are in our care
    • A First Response Team is available via radio in case of an emergency

    Kids can volunteer, too!

    Children as young as Kindergarten can use their gifts as Junior Leaders. We believe that serving is a vital part of discipleship, and we love giving kids that opportunity!

    To become a Junior Leader, we ask kids to demonstrate leadership in their Kids Church classroom (by participating, attending regularly, following directions, etc.). After one month, we help them get plugged into a volunteer team! We have serving opportunities throughout the church (depending on location). Talk to your location’s Pastor or Kids Team for more information!

    If kids are the people group most receptive to the Gospel, we have a great harvest in front of us – and we ALWAYS need more workers in the field! Join our team today!


    We use a curriculum called Grow for our Kids Church programs. Each month, we work through a different book of the Bible in a kid-friendly format.

    This is not a video-based curriculum because we believe in providing opportunities for our volunteers to use their teaching gifts. Even more importantly, though, we know that discipleship requires relationship – teaching encourages that process! We structure our classrooms to help your kids develop relationships with other kids, teenage helpers, and adult leaders to walk alongside them in their faith journey.

    What a typical Kids Church service looks like:

    • Worship time
    • Monthly memory verse
    • A weekly “Big Idea” (a simple, memorable statement of that day’s Scripture focus)
    • Bible teaching, including helping kids navigate their Bibles
    • Games, crafts, and object lessons related to the Big Idea
    • Group prayer and discussion


    We celebrate these on the first weekend of the month!

    A child dedication is the beginning of a partnership with your church family that is designed to influence a child to find Jesus and follow in His footsteps. You can do this anytime before your child turns 18.

    As a parent, you have the greatest influence in your child’s spiritual upbringing! When you dedicate your child, you are making a commitment to do everything within your power to raise the child in a godly way until they can make their own decision to follow Him.

    At Free Grace United, we want to walk alongside you to help your child cross the line of faith and follow Jesus! Text 763-634-0170 to be part of the next celebration.


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