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In November 2021, we partnered with Fresh Water Ministries to plant four churches in Kenya and celebrated a grand opening with approximately 300 people in attendance and 11 baptisms!

Stay tuned for ways you can partner with us to help as many people as we can (in Africa!) cross the line of faith and follow Jesus.

Meet Timothy and Teresa Nyandika, our Lead Pastors overseeing all ministry in Kenya. They planted their first church in Kisii, Kenya in 2015. Since that time, they’ve planted a total of 5 Free Grace United churches. 

Our first church in Kenya was planted in 2015 in the village of Riamasese. They started doing church in the open air, and they eventually grew their congregation and built a tin building to meet in. Today this church has 69 people meeting weekly for worship with Pastor Bernard!

In 2018, Pastor Timothy launched their second church in the village of Mananasi, almost 9 miles away from the first church. Every week about 40 people gather for worship there with Pastor Benson.

The following year, in 2019, a third church was planted 15 miles away from their first church plant in the village of Getenga. They began meeting out in “open-air” and now have a church building. Here you can see Pastor James preaching the gospel. This church is made up of 25 committed followers of Jesus, and growing!

Finally, in 2021, Pastors Timothy and Teresa planted a 4th church at their own mission center for the orphans they care for as well local villagers in their own hometown of Omobondo. Here’s a photo of Pastor Timothy sharing the word of God.

Along with this, Pastors Timothy and Teresa also run Teresa Missions; an orphanage on their property supporting, educating and raising forty children. They seek to see their four churches turn to thirty churches in the next ten years!