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Grace on Tap by Eric Dykstra

What if you didn’t have to behave to make God happy with you? What if you could live the good life without a list of rules? What if God’s favor was readily available to you? It’s paid for, and you can have as much as you want. IT’S GRACE… ON TAP. Grace on Tap is all about how too many people are trying to pay for the goodness of God by their own efforts, when Jesus Christ has already paid the bill. Does it sound too simple? Can gaining access to an abundant life really be that easy? Believe it or not, you don’t have to jump through hoops to please God. This book will help you see the timeless truth that because of His grace, the blessing and favor are free. Drink up!

God’s Perspective: 60 Important Topics and what God’s Word says about Them by Eric Dykstra

Every person who believes God exists wants to know His perspective on the issues in our world. Is it all black and white, or are there gray areas? Believers and nonbelievers alike love to express their opinions, but does the Bible actually SAY anything about these topics?The goal of this book is to give Jesus-followers the places in scripture where God addresses many of our biggest questions in life. This book is not designed to give an author’s perspective on these topics, but instead to give scripture regarding these topics, and then allow the Holy Spirit to guide the reader to the answers. We believe this book will grow your faith, increase your ability to read your Bible with an ear to the Holy Spirit’s voice, and give you the scriptures to back up your faith and what you believe.

Unhooked & Untangled: A Guide to Finding Freedom from your Vices, Addictions, and Bad Habits by Eric Dykstra & Bruce Rauma

An occasional drink becomes a daily ritual. Frustration turns into full-blown anger, and it happens more and more. You know it’s bad for you, but you’ve got to do it anyhow. Once, you were FREE. You had a life, not just an existence. Then one day you woke up and realized you’ve become dependent just to survive. You didn’t start out this way, but don’t know how to return to the happy and productive life you had before… Know the feeling? God wants to free you and those you love from what has you hooked. Unhooked & Untangled is more than a practical, step-by-step guide to finding freedom from your vices, addictions, and bad habits. It will point you to a better future and the full and satisfying life that God offers.

See Christ This Christmas: A 25-day Journey by Eric Dykstra

CHRIST is the point of Christmas. Every year we put up the tree, hand out some presents, and hang out with our friends and relatives. But the point of Christmas is Jesus! What if this holiday season you journeyed through the Christmas story for 25 days in order to see Christ in a real way in your life? See what can happen if you make Christ the centerpiece of Christmas.

The People Mover: The Secret to Effortless Faith by Kelly Dykstra

God has seen your future. It is good. He’s come back to take you there.

God is not in Heaven biting His nails, wondering if you’ll make the right choices and guessing how it’s all going to turn out for you. He’s calmly waiting for you to relax and let Him carry you forward in life.

The question is: will you ditch a stressed-out faith in your own effort and step into a remarkably effortless journey with the Designer of your destiny?

With candor, humor, and just a drop of sarcasm, Kelly Dykstra feels like a friend who will tell it like it is. She provides a practical, inspiring guide for making the switch to step on The People Mover.

Your faith journey will never look the same.

How to Twirl: A Lovely Way to Live by Kelly Dykstra

Women who twirl are confident, brave, and have faith that something great is going to happen. They choose to take deep breaths, exhale expectations, and fearlessly embrace all the lovely things that were created for them to enjoy.Treat this guide as if you’re sitting down with a big cup of coffee and your very best friend so she can pour wisdom into your life. Allow her to tell you all the lovely things she sees in you that you may have never noticed. Let her take you by the hand and show you another way. Notice new things about your world that inspire you to become courageous and bold and beautiful.Live a life in which you’re free to Twirl.

Seasons: A 14-day Devotional by Kelly Dykstra

Whether you’re feeling happy-go-lucky or walking through a difficult transition, you’ll connect with the stories contained in this devotional. They are ripe with wisdom, humor, and vulnerability. Kelly’s candor about the highs and lows of friendship, family, home, and the dreaded scale makes you feel like you are in the company of a friend. In life, Kelly is utterly genuine with a loving refusal to let you stay where you are without seeing what God might be doing, and this book is authentically her. She jumps into the muck and draws on her own experiences to help hold your head up so you can refocus on Jesus no matter what season you are in. Join her for the next fourteen days. You will be encouraged where you are, reminded of hope-filled truth from Scripture, and shown how to lean into Jesus’ grace as He leads you through each season in His timing.

Happy Marriage lol: A 30-day He Said She Said Devotional for Couples by Jason & Tracy Keech

Ever hang around one of those happy couples who just seem to laugh a lot and get along all the time, and you’re like, what do they know that we don’t? Good news! One of “those” couples is letting us in on their secrets. Jason Keech and Tracy Keech draw on 20+ years of happy marriage experience in a “he said, she said” guide to “happifying” your marriage by connecting it with your faith. Each day offers Scripture to read and two practical applications of that truth – one from his perspective and one from hers. Deceivingly lighthearted, these daily readings contain transformational truth that will revolutionize your marriage if you choose to accept the challenges and implement these powerful principles in your relationship. Read the devotional together or separately, jot your notes in the “his thoughts, her thoughts” section, and then share your thoughts with each other. Way cheaper than a couples retreat and way more fun than marriage counseling, Happy Marriage lol will put your marriage back on the same page (literally!) and inspire you be to the best version of yourselves – individually and together.

Who Am I? by Silas Austin

Who am I? Why am I here? How do I live it out?

Are you searching for the answers to some of life’s biggest questions? This book won’t give you the answers, but it will walk you through the process to help you answer them for your life.

What is the Bible: An Interactive Crash Course on the Good Book by Karli Phelps

The Good Book: you’ve probably heard of it. The Holy Bible. The Word of God. The Scriptures. A collection of stories that shaped history, fueled human progress, and launched a revolutionary way of life. And it claims that it was written for YOU.If that’s true, at some point you should wrestle with a few questions: What is the Bible? Where did it come from? What does it mean? Can we trust it? Does it even matter? An honest search for the answers will lead you to the arms of a loving God who is eager to know you and walk with you through life. This book is a starting point for that journey. Learn the basics about the origin, story, and theology of the Bible in a conversational format that is adaptable for individual or group study. While you learn about the Bible, you’ll also learn how to study the Bible for yourself. And as you come to know God’s Word, you’ll begin to move forward in step with His plan for your life.

Healing Through Prayer: A 31-day Devotional by Sara Day

This 31 Day Devotional focuses on different areas in which we need healing in order to live a healthy life. It includes scriptures, prayers and room for reflection and notes. This devotional teaches you how to pray for healing.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life in 21 Days: God’s Grace is Real by Jim Lacy

If you have a distorted image of Father God in your thinking, you need a realistic image of Him. So, a change of mind will enable you to see Him accurately when you search God’s Word. Jesus will unveil His nature to anyone who wants to see Him as He is. Jesus and the grace He offers is everywhere in the Bible. As you see Him with Holy Spirit revelation , so will your identity become clear and align with His divine nature. The grace of God will become real to you personally. And when you discover His grace in your everyday life, joy will be your daily delight.

Kingdom Reformation: Eternal, Relevant, and Tangible Today by Jim Lacy

The Kingdom of Heaven is meant to override and push back corrupted kingdoms of this present world. It is eternal, tangible, and relevant today. Jesus Christ spoke about the kingdom’s present reality and the world-changing dynamics associated with it. Faith-filled members of the redeemed community will occupy influential establishments and professions. Many Christians are accepting the assignment of stepping into many persuasive institutions such as government, retail sales, construction, education, media, the arts and entertainment, and family to make a difference. They are applying God’s love, biblical values, and their lifestyles to reform these arenas and to create atmospheres in which unbelievers are transformed into committed followers of Christ.

Are Christian people supposed to “get along” with established practices, business as usual procedures, even if they oppose biblical ethics and practices?

What if you are a “game-changer” in the mixed-up culture of our day—a Christian who boldly chooses to enter a conflicted or compromised arena of influence. Could you be the committed disciple of Jesus who will look squarely in the face of ungodly and chaotic conditions that oppose biblical ideals to deliver transformation? What if you, being armed with the armor, love, and the power of God, were to break into an established arena, an institution, a career, or profession with a better way—God’s way of doing business? Could it be that you are a reformer in the world? Is it possible you are a converter in a crazy culture that needs Jesus Christ and his biblical agenda?

As we study the reality and significance of God’s kingdom, I hope you will capture its implications and relevance personally. If you do, your life in Christ will be more expressive and exciting, your purpose clearer, and our collective mission more accurately fulfilled.

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