Hey Girls,

What a crazy year it has been! (I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that sentence over the last few months!) Pastor Eric and I have prayed more for YOU and your families in 2020 than ever before! Funny how when we feel helpless, we are WAY better at turning to Jesus, am I right?!

I wanted to fill you in on what we have decided to do about Twirl. At this point, we have no idea when it will be permitted (or a good idea) to cram 600-800 of us crazy Jesus-loving ladies into one space. Because of this, we are switching Twirl’s status from “it’s complicated” to “canceled.” 

I know. Me too.

I even had some cute shoes ready and some custom Twirl pens made and so many fun ideas. BLAH. This is dumb.

HOWEVER, God can use every situation for good, if we keep our eyes on Him, remain obedient to what He says, and stay in faith.

Here are a couple of ways we can turn our disappointment about Twirl into a blessing that can impact the Kingdom!

First, we can send some love to our friend Sunday Burquest. Sunday was going to be our guest speaker for Twirl (and she will if we do one again!). She spoke with me on Mother’s Day (watch HERE). Sunday is a breast cancer survivor but now has a new really not good diagnosis of cancer again. Cancer is expensive, and her insurance isn’t awesome. We can encourage her by praying for a miracle. If you would like to give a gift to Sunday, you can go HERE to the GoFundMe that Sunday’s Survivor friend Leslie Nease set up.

Second, I’d love to bless our “OG” Fight For A Girl lady, Angie Platt. She and her family moved to Thailand to rescue children from human trafficking. You can watch the Twirl where we featured her family HERE. Angie, Samm, and their kiddos are in MN this summer, laying the groundwork (and waiting to be able to travel) to return “home” to Thailand to establish a church and Bible school for girls who graduate from the rescue homes. You can give a gift to help them get their tickets to return and get their new ministry established HERE.

I love you bunches! I miss you soooo much! Stay in faith! Keep following Jesus, blessing those you can, and point them to Him!!

Pastor Kelly


TWIRL is Pastor Kelly’s annual event for the ladies of Free Grace United and their friends.
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The purpose of Twirl is to thrill women with the truth of their unique design from God, and to move them to Twirl – with open arms, generous hearts, and meaningful friendships that together will change the world.


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