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Help us start a brand new Free Grace United church in Anoka!

What do we envision this new church will look like?  

  • A church for people that don’t “do” church.
  • A church with a community/family atmosphere.
  • A church with excellent modern worship music that honors Jesus.
  • A church where everyday average people can feel welcome (not just religious people).
  • A church where people are loved (no matter their story) and not judged.
  • A church where the Bible is taught and people get to process God at their own pace.
  • A church with a thriving ministry to kids and students.
  • A church with events and activities that bless the whole community.
  • A church that offers people a choice each week to follow Jesus and follow Him in baptism.

If you’d like more info or want to help us reach people in Anoka and the surrounding area with the hope Jesus offers, email Katelyn Graham: katelyn.graham@freegrace.tv.

Office: 763-633-9706

Email: katelyn.graham@freegrace.tv

Each congregation of Free Grace United is a distinct local church. They vary in size, demographics, and cultural aesthetics. Each has its own story, its own pastors, and its own ministries. In deciding which congregation to join, we encourage you to start by visiting the one closest to you.



Katelyn’s faith was reignited over a decade ago when she realized that God isn’t about a set of rules, but a relationship. She has been inspired by her own personal experience of faith, and is driven by a desire to help others discover the truth of the gospel. As an avid learner, she seeks out new opportunities to grow in her faith and deepen her understanding of the Bible. She’s mom to one teenage son and has been married to Andrew since 2019.