Crossing Creative

As part of our church's vision to thrill people with God's grace & move them to life in Christ, Senior Pastors Eric & Kelly wanted to make sure that The Crossing always brought an excellent and creative worship experience to reflect our excellent and creative God. Put simply, Crossing Creative is the team that brings the excellence and creativity in music to our worship services every weekend. 

Our newest album Found My Worth is available in The Shop & is now on iTunes and Amazon MP3!

Get our first album release Grace is Life (a DVD/CD combo!) is available on the weekend in The Shop at every campus. Digital downloads available on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Songwriting and recording became an important piece of our ministry early on in the life of our church, and it continues to be today. They write songs that reflect the heart of our church, and communicate that the grace of Jesus changes lives. These are worship anthems and celebratory rock songs that challenge the worshiper to really focus on Christ and trust in Him alone for meaning and value in life. 

Crossing Creative's sound is characterized by driven guitars, powerful drums, and inspiring lyrics. They explore many different genres of rock, while maintaining a thread of continuity grounded in modern worship styles. 

But Crossing Creative is more than a band. Creative Pastor Ted Snyder says this, "You can't lead people where you aren't already. True worship leading requires us as leaders to be fully immersed in the presence of God, so we can lead people there. Otherwise we're just giving directions." Therefore, true worship leading goes far beyond music.

There is so much more to worship than music, so we like to think of ourselves as a creative community. Visual arts, sound design, lighting and creative video team are all integral pieces to the overall experience at The Crossing week in and week out.