We offer several ways for you to learn more about God and doing life with Him:

  • Deeper

    Worship, teaching, and communion followed by classes & groups designed to help you GROW YOUR FAITH. Now meeting in Elk River, St Cloud, Zimmerman & St Michael! Wednesdays at 6:30 pm

    January 2019: DEEPER OVERFLOW! 

    A further exploration of our Origins series.  


    • SPIRITUAL HABITS OF A STRONG FAITH (Ways to include God in your everyday life.) - Pastor Reuben      
    • LEAD FOR WOMEN (Setting an example of faith for our families.) - Jess Thurston
    • DAVID (Shepherd, Warrior, Worshiper, King.) - Eric Thurston     
    • FREE GRACE RECOVERY (Find hope & friends who can help.) 
    • T3 STUDENTS (Discipleship for grades 6-12) 


    • A DEEPER LOOK AT ORIGINS - Location Pastors Silas, Jason, & Ben
  • the crossing college

    Learn the Bible. Grow Your Faith. Thrive in Your Calling. 

    The Crossing College is designed for those who want to understand the Bible, go deeper in their faith, develop their skills as a leader, and define their next step in life. You can accomplish those goals in one-two years through our practical, hands-on programs!

    We're not your typical college. Here's how we're different:

    • Local, one-night-a-week courses that fit into a busy life
    • Pay a fraction of the price you would at an average university
    • Individual coaching and guidance through our Cohort Program
    • Build your resume and gain valuable experience with your Internship
    • Small class sizes help you build meaningful relationships
    • Develop knowledge and confidence to share Jesus with your community

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