Our Story

THE CROSSING is a big church, but not too big. We have lots of people who attend, but have small enough services where people can get to know one another and spend time together over a cup of coffee after services.

We typically have about 1,600 people who come through our doors during the weekend and a total church body of about 3,000. That may sound like a lot, but once you are connected here you will find that you see people you know all the time. 

Here is our story:

  • The Crossing launched in October 2004.
  • Pastor Eric & Kelly's passion for hurting, broken people inspired the launch of Crossing Recovery (later called Free Grace Recovery), a 12-step faith-based program, in April 2005.
  • We met in a variety of locations for worship on Saturdays & Sundays, until purchasing a permanent location in Elk River in September 2009.
  • The Crossing first became a multi-site church in October 2009 with the launch of the Zimmerman Campus, which first met in a local elementary school.
  • In September 2010, the Big Lake Campus was opened, meeting in a local bar.
  • In May 2010, we held our first Thrill + Move Conference to refresh, inspire, and equip pastors & church leaders.
  • The Princeton Campus was opened in January 2011, and was later merged with the Zimmerman Campus in November 2012.
  • We purchased a permanent facility for the Zimmerman Campus in May 2011.
  • Pastor Eric's first book, Grace On Tap, was published in the Fall of 2013. Available on Amazon and Kindle.
  • We were able to lease a "permanent" facility for the Big Lake Campus in January 2014.
  • Our Elk River Campus remodel and expansion opened in February 2014.
  • Pastor Eric's second book, Unhooked & Untangled : A Guide to Finding Freedom from your Vices, Addictions, and Bad Habits, was published in June of 2014. Available on Amazon and Kindle.
  • The Grand Opening of our St. Cloud Campus was in February 2015.
  • Pastor Kelly's book The People Mover was released in May 2015. Available on Amazon and Kindle.
  • The Big Lake Campus was moved to St. Michael and the Grand Opening of the St. Michael Campus was in January 2016.
  • Pastor Kelly released her book How To Twirl: A Lovely Way To Live in May of 2017. It is available on Amazon and Kindle
  • Our St Cloud campus launched a morning service in January 2018 in order to effectively reach more people in that community. 

Throughout the life of The Crossing, we've placed utmost value on the truth of Scripture. We remain passionate about reaching unbelievers with the hope of Jesus, and we enjoy great music and good coffee along the way. 

It's always, only about JESUS.